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Online Casino Review

When reviewing online casinos, our goal is to give you a sharp bird’s eye view of how each platform works, provide you comprehensive details about how they operate, and how their features can either make or break your experience.

How We Review Online Casinos

Here at PokerSmoker, our goal is to build trust with players that come into our site hoping for accurate reviews. We take our relationship with consumers seriously, so we aim to be transparent and unbiased when reviewing online gambling. platforms.

We will also ensure that all the bonuses, offers, and promotions that we write about are timely. Game rules and regulations will also be updated so you can plan your strategy effectively.

We Check The Site’s Security and Licensing

One telltale sign that an online casino is reputable is if the site is licensed by PAGCOR. Data privacy and security is one of the most crucial factors that an online casino should pay attention to.

Their security should encompass everything on their site, from protecting personal information to ensuring that their payment methods are heavily encrypted and secure.

We Test Out Their Payment Methods

This is one of the things most users will want to know, so we test out how how long deposits will take, if there’s a welcome bonus for new users, and if their withdrawal method is just as seamless as their deposits.

We also check how many payment methods are available in their platform, if it is flexible to other methods such as e-wallets, and whether they accept cryptocurrencies.

On top of all these, we also check how long the winnings of a player will be processed. Ideally, this shouldn’t take more than 2 days since it can be anxiety-inducing for players if it takes several days before the processing period is finished.

We Check Out Their Customer Support

Regardless of how competent an online platform may be, technical problems sometimes happen that causes payouts and withdrawals to get delayed. So, we scour for testimonials on how good or bad an online casino’s customer service may be.

If customer support is bad, it could significantly affect user experience. No one wants to play on a platform where the players don’t feel supported, and it’s hardly a motivator when you’re still facing an ongoing issue.

Aside from customer services, we also check if the online casino site has measures in place to ensure that players are not playing beyond their bankroll or becoming too addicted. We check if the site has corporate social responsibility because we believe this is a barometer of whether a platform is truly reputable.

Online Casino Review

We Check Their Collection of Games

Now that we’ve established the crucial foundations of what makes (or breaks) an online gambling platform, that’s when you can finally check a site’s portfolio of games.

Ideally, a good online casino should cater to all tastes, preferences, and budgetary restrictions. This is an indicator that they value all their customers and that they intend for everybody to have fun on their site.

When checking their selection, we also see if the games offered have high quality. The graphics should be rich, streaming services should be in High Definition, and players should always have a smooth experience within the game.

A telltale sign that an online casino is worth investing time in is when they offer free plays, progressive jackpots, and games from top-notch software developers.

We Value Transparency

Transparency is what builds trust, and we intend to do just that. Rest assured that all present and future affiliations, sponsorships, and partnerships will be disclosed and that all reviews will be released in our reader’s best interest.